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Attends Healthcare AB

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Attends Healthcare AB is a leading European manufacturer, vendor and distributor of a wide range of adult incontinence products, having incontinence pads as one of our main products. Our products are of high quality and highly absorbent offering the users ultimate comfort, skin gentleness and a total caring service. Some of our other products are incontinence protection garments, napkins and sanitary towels. We have incontinence products for men as well for women and men and we try to find the best solutions in close cooperation with health care professionals. We are continuously working on finding incontinence solutions and developing our products according to the latest technologies, in order to providing customers, caregivers and consumers with reliable, top quality products.

Información general

Año de Fundación 1998
Capital 40,000,000 SEK
Tipo de empresa Oficina central
Nº Intracomunitario SE556563186701
Fax +46 380 476 89
Web http://www.attends.se


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  • Swedbank


Área : Asia-Pacífico, Europa Occidental, Europa Central-Oriental


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    ISO 9001:2004

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    ISO 14001:2000

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    302 Empleados

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  • 2017

    1,350,252,000 SEK

  • 2016

    1,224,699,000 SEK

  • 2015

    1,171,951,000 SEK

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Javier Martin Ocana

Consejero Delegado (VD)

Hans Arne Hjelm

Miembro del consejo (Styrelsemedlem)

Trevor Kenneth Zieseniss

Miembro del consejo (Styrelsemedlem)

Mattias Robert Wilner

Presidente del consejo (Styrelseordförande)