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Bertoldstrasse 65
79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

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Efos - Import and wholesale of soy, spices and Zusatzstoffen

Wer we are:

The EFOS GmbH was founded in 1992 and has its headquarters in Emmendingen in southern Germany. Already with the establishment, there was the clear objective position as a sales and distribution company for world's leading producers of raw materials and their high-quality products to be active on the European market. To strengthen the Expansion of the company IIC Handels - AG, with its headquarters in Freiburg in Breisgau in the year of 2016 has taken over the rights to the brand Efos, as well as the Domaine www.efos.de .We directly import and source our raw materials from the following countries: India, China, Madagascar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Peru.Intermediate storage sites are: Rotterdam, Hamburg, Duisburg, Frankfurt.We ensure gap-free documentation from your origin to you as a customer.Import and wholesale soybeans without genetic engineering, none of the raw materials used in production are genetically modified. There is also no such Material is used in the production. There is no guarantee can be given that none of the products manufactured or sold by us, completely free of GMOs. All possible precautions were made to insure that the Material, which could be genetically modified, is also from a non-genetically modified source.The safety of the product is guaranteed to be dotted through a solid, from the producer to the customers, Audi and independently verified non-GMO supply chain.We are a small but very effective Team of committed and qualified experts with different areas of work.The concentration on core activities in which we are strong, offers our customers a decisive advantage:on-Demand, flexible and quick problem solutions.Please contact us. We look forward to receiving your contact.Contact national and international distribution structure for national and international distribution network documents available from the origin up to the delivery


Información general

Año de Fundación 1992
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Tipo de empresa Oficina central
Fax +49 761 2085210
Web http://www.efos.de


Área : Todos los países


Área : Todos los países

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