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Ye and Co

Le bois au naturel

11 rue des tuilliers
69003 LYON 03

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Ye and Co designs custom projects to make a unique creation, hence the importance of a rigorous selection of the materials, and create a harmony and a vibe that looks exactly like you.We select the finest materials for you and with you. You will have the opportunity to compose your layout from the most traditional of materials, wood noblest.Because we are all different, we offer a custom layout.If the wenge and teak are the most well-known, however, there are a variety very rich in exotic wood ! The teak comes from South-East Asia and has a nice yellow-brown. This precious wood has a tendency to disappear over the years, a victim of its success to the shipbuilding industry but also the furniture inside and outside. To maintain your teak furniture, regularly a layer of protective oil special exotic wood using a brush.

Información general

Año de Fundación 1974
Capital 7,622 EUR
Tipo de empresa Oficina central
Fax +33 4 72 85 12 60
Web http://www.yeandco.com
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  • Natacha  (Distribuidor)

    La marque Natache - Massive et naturelle cette table design en bois palissandre est fabriquée à la main à partir de bois du  Pakistan et de l'  Inde
    Authentique et robuste, elle apportera à votre intérieur simplicité et élégance et s'intégrera dans tous les intérieurs.

  • Samantha  (Distribuidor)

    La marque Samantha - Pour maxi effet, osez le double effet ! 
    Le set de 2 tables basses blanc/chene Pamela allie la simplicité des lignes épurées au raffinement de la finesse. 
    Craquez pour ce duo de gigognes très design, vous serez comblé ! 


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  • 2018

    900,000 EUR

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M. Didier Souhé

Apoderado (Propriétaire)

Mme Sophie Martin

Presidente del consejo

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NAF Rev.2 (FR 2008) :
Repair of machinery (3312Z)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Repair of machinery (3312)
Repair of machinery (3312)

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